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How You Can Use Your Phone To Detect A Hidden Camera

Today we are living in a digitized world and technology has greatly improved. One area that I want us to see its improvement is that dealing with camera. The size of a camera has greatly evolved to that of a pinhole size. This pinhole sized camera have been greatly used to watch over people without they knowledge that they are been watched. However if you suspect that you are been watched,your phone is a very useful gadget to use in detecting those hidden cameras. This is because some cameras emit infrared rays which are not visible with named eyes but can be detected using your phone camera when held closely enough.

Below are steps on how you use your phone to detect a hidden camera:

1.Ensure you are in a dark room with all curtains closed and the lights off.

2. Launch your phone camera and don't turn on the flashlight.

3. Move around the room pointing your phone camera in areas you suspect the hidden camera may be placed.

4. If you detect any bright whitish light or a red dot in your screen,move closer to that point and investigate further since that could be the spy camera you are looking for.

5. If you detect nothing on your screen, it means that the area is safe and there is no spy camera in the room.

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