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What It Really Means When Your Tongue Looks Like This Medically

Tongue is one sensitive area that most people don't get to know when it's trying to give you a sign of something happening in your body. People get ignorant of these small things that come out later to be something huge. It's the high time you know what it really means when you see the following changes:

1. Black

This is due to the build up in a protein called keratin. This most is caused by the kind of drinks one is taking like coffee or black tea. In rare cases, black tongue is caused by serious health diseases like HIV or diabetes.

2. White

White patches or tongue turning white is caused by a fungal infection such as oral thrush. Sometimes it can be hard to eat or even swallow something but incase of such incident visit your doctor and will recommend you an appropriate antibiotic.

3. Purple

The tongue turns purple maybe due to a heart condition or poor blood circulation.

4. Red

The tongue turns red when one is deficient of vitamin B or has scarlet fever.

5. Gray

Eczema usually causes the tongue to turn gray.

6. The tongue turns yellow due to a bacterial growth. Poor oral hygiene can also cause the tongue to turn yellow.

Those are the commonest colors that the tongue turn to. Be aware of health. But mostly observe oral hygiene to avoid some of those colors .

Content created and supplied by: Shéé (via Opera News )

Black HIV Purple Red White


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