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Are You a WhatsApp User? WhatsApp Will Not Work In The Following Phones Effective November 1st, 2021

WhatsApp is the major app for both entertainment and communication in the world. It's also a major data harvester as most of the people with smartphones will prefer it for communication and chatting. WhatsApp had been of great benefit and has easened passing of information from one person to another easily without much pressure. This is seen with the formation of groups and sending of broadcast messages.

For android users, versions 4 and below. Your phones will not have the ability to run the new WhatsApp features. This will be effective from the 1st of November. Try and update your android system. Without it, your phone will be missing the most used communication app in the world. No one will like to feel out. Update your phones system to above 4.0.4. It will not have you out come the date.

For the iOS users, iPhone 4 will not be something to rock with. It's going out of date with the current system. If you have one, you won't be able to use WhatsApp as it's not upgradable. You'll have to use it but without WhatsApp. To each iOS 10, you must be having an iPhone 5 and above.

Let's revolve with the technology. You might be pretty much in love with your phone but the information is out. Get yourself a new phone with a better system. To prevent losing data, have everything backed up and trust me everything will be okay.

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