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Method To Follow To Receive The New biometric Registration Of NHIf

NHIF has embarked on a mass biometric registration exercise for its members, the following are producers to follow to receive these services.

NHIF members and dependents can visit the nearest NHIF branch office across the country and produce identification documents such as copies of national ID/NHIF card verification in the database.

Members can also be registered biometrically whenever they visit NHIf accredited hospitals seeking services.

Member's fingerprint details will be captured.

New members will also be registered biometrically whenever they visit the NHIF database and have issues with a registration number.

When members visit an accredited facility of their choice, they will be identified using their fingerprint or one-time password.

Note .they biometric registration process is still continuous, if a member is unwell and is not biometrically registered, the hospital will first register them first before seeking any service from the hospital. NHIF tweeted on its verified Twitter account.

NHIF guarantees its members who have not yet registered biometrically to continue accessing these services.There is no deadline for biometric registration.

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