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Phone Applications That Work When Your Phone Is Locked

Locking your mobile phone is one way of keeping your documents and other people from snooping into them. That is the reason why people lock the phones using passwords, and unlock them using their faces, fingers or passwords.

Surprisingly there are some applications that still work even if the phone is locked. Do you believe it? Well these applications can work on your mobile phone but cannot access whatever services they provide. Below are some the apps that work when your phone is locked.

1.Camera app.

This is one of the apps that still work despite your phone is locked. By swapping the camera app when the phone is locked, you can take pictures and videos but can not access them till you unlocked it.

2.Dial pad.

This application works whenever the phone is locked. Its main function is help one make an emergency call whenever they need help. You can use this application whenever the phone is locked or when you are in a hurry and maybe your password is long to type.

Content created and supplied by: Jafarmuzik (via Opera News )


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