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Computer Tricks You Should Know

Photo/courtesy/Google/business insider

They is that one friend or workmate that performs tasks on time. He does the work perfectly and quickly because he/she has mastered the computer shortcuts.

The PC has countless tricks that even the proficient user don't realize.

Typing Tricks

Recover a deleted item my pressing ALT+Backspace.

CTRL+Backspace if you want to delete the whole document.

Without dragging the mouse you can highlight a word by simply double clicking on it.

Press CTRL+A to select the whole document.

When the PC hangs

Press windows+R and then type "misconfig' on the startup tab that pops up, by doing so you're able to close any program that is slowing the boot time.

Press windows+M to close all opened tabs.

Keyboard Tricks

Press SHIFT+CTRL+T to reopen the last closed tab

Instead of moving the mouse to the (x) maximise button you can press windows+W.

ALT+prt sc to take a screenshot

ALT+F4 to close the running program.

Press windows+CTRL+D to create a virtual desktop ,to access the virtual desktop press Windows+CTRL+F4.

Press Windows +left or right arrow keys to split the screen into two equal parts.

We know there are many shortcuts on the PC ,share if you have any in the comments below.

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