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Do The Following To Replace Your Lost Birth Certificate

Every Kenyan born child is entitled to a birth certificate either born in hospital or outside the hospital. A birth certificate is very important because it plays important roles in activities like applying for the national identification card or registration of national exams by candidates.

This article guides you on the birth certificate replacement process in case you have lost it:

1. What you need first is an ecitizen account. Make sure to create one if you don't have it. Then log in using your phone, tablet, laptop or computer by accessing an internet service.

2. When you have logged in your ectizen account, move down until you find civil registration department then click the get service button.

3. You will see an option written 'make application' and then choose birth certificate.

4. Read and follow the instructions very careful to do the right thing then submit. But remember this service requires a fee of 180 shillings to complete it. You can pay the fee using M-Pesa service by entering a given pay bill number.

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