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If You Like Taking Photos, Here Is The Best Phone For You.

OPPO A 31 is one of the latest sophisticated smartphones to be manufactured. Li-po released this new model on 14th February 2020, which is basically last year. It is characterized with picturesque features that are breath taking.                                                

It has a 12Megapixel back camera, 2Megapixel main camera, and complexity camera of 2Mp. The 12Mp camera which is quite above average output, produces 4096.3072 resolutions. Wow amusing right!?just the perfect phone for taking pictures and selfies with friends! Now who wouldn’t want to buy this amazing phone. Not only can it take perfect pictures at day time but also at night time too.                                    

It is also characterized with a weight of 180g, built glass front, plastic back, plastic frame and just the best  favorable thickness which makes it amazingly flexible and can be carried just about anywhere without stress. This makes it easy for the user to carry the phone  without having to worry about carrying it on hand all the time which makes it prone to accidents and is also tiresome. And preferably placing it on pants pockets or shirt pockets depending on an individual’s preferences and where they feel it’s safe. The main thing is its flexible size makes it easier to carry it.  

OPPO A 31 as an entertainment device; with its much storage entertainment has no limits. with a 4230mAh battery, you can watch videos livestreamed or downloaded…from movies to video clips of songs and comedy sessions to news and so much more amazing videos. You can also consider it a gamming phone as you can play any kind of accessible games. Also, you can listen to music all day long  with friends and family and also acquaintances. Featuring a 2.3GHz octa-core processor, runs smoothly during games and video playback, with reduced power consumption.

This device is mind blowing with its huge storage and fast performance. This model has a ROM of 68 to 128GB super dope one can install as many apps as they wish without having to worry about space since space is quite enough, the perfect word unlimited. This huge storage allows the system to ran operations effectively and very also has a ram of 4 to 6GB this RAM enables the operation of more than one app at the same time without difficulty and hence making the user to do his or her task much faster.                                                                      

 Some of its other amazing feature is its low power consumption and its fast charging rate. With its 4230mHAh battery, it can go for seven full hours without also comes with a microUSB connectivity. Its earphone has also been engineered with bass-driven stereo-sound that gives it that impressive and deep bass. 

The phone is also good looking as it comes in different attractive colors; color fantasy white, mystery white and lake green. The gadget is a budget friendly device while with 128GB storage costs about 20000 shillings in Kenya while with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM has a suggested price of 17,500 Kenya shillings.

In conclusion the OPPO A13 is the device you would consider worth spending your money for. Is it a good phone? DEFINETLY!

Content created and supplied by: Jayzac (via Opera News )



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