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Did You Know Your Phone Can Do The Following 3 Things? See What They Are

Since the first phone was invested by Graham Bell, a lot of improvements have been made on the phone and now it can do more. Not only is it used for communication but also to do other things. There are very many things you can now do with a phone. Below are some of the things you may not have known that your phone can do.

1. Your smartphone has the ability to measure the mass of small objects. How is this possible? There are apps that can help you with this. You should however measure small masses that can not break your screen.

2. You phone has the capacity to operate two functions at the same time. You can watch a movie while chatting or any other two things you want to do simultaneously. This depends on the phone brand you are using.

3. You can can share data between two phones by connecting them with a cable. This is done the same way you connect computers. This is all thanks to the OTG cable system.

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