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How To Access A Remote Computer Or Mobile Phone Regardless Of Its Location


Technology has advanced within the world, making it a small tiny village. You'll be able to assist somebody to troubleshoot his or her computer or mobile phone. This could be done no matter somebody's geographical location.

You'll furthermore fetch documents from his gadget with or without his knowledge. In this article, I will be able to show you ways to access any computer or itinerant and operate it on your own gadget.

Follow these steps keenly:

#1. Buy bundles from any service provider using your smartphone.

#2. If employing a computer, connect to the web using your preferred web browser. To connect your computer to the internet via smartphone, ensure that mobile data and hotspot icons are switched on as shown below:

#3. On the web browser, type team viewer download on your browser and press enter.

#4. Click on the download link that appears at the top. This may direct you to a page where you select Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. Select your operating system. In most cases, Windows.

#5. Wait for the download to complete.

#6. Click the downloaded .exe file to install.

#7. After installation, open the application. This is how it looks like: #8. Now, repeat the identical process on the target device. Key in the partner ID of the target device on your computer. This means that both gadgets will be connected.

From this point, the two gadgets are connected. On your screen, you will be operating the other person's gadget. You can access any file on the other gadget as you may like.

I know that you simply have learned a way to hack. Do it diligently and cautiously. Many thanks for reading this text. Like, share, and comment to receive such valuable information.

Content created and supplied by: KiamaKiama (via Opera News )


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