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Inside The 1.1Billion Dollar Google Data Centre Where All Internet Information Is stored

This the brain and engine of the internet where all the google data is store with a total worth 1.1 billion dollars. It’s a giant building that operations of power all time since it was set up. It contains a lot of cooling systems as its always on power although that keeps the millions of computers inside operating. This google data has been built in South Carolina and it is the headquarter of the larger network of data centers in the world. Of all the employees of google in a very very small percentage of those people are allow to access the data center. The men and women that keep this data center running 24/7 a week are very passionate about their job. The google data center can offer a maximum security more than any other company in the world. They have highly trained information security team that are second to none. Their job is protecting the data and ensure the privacy of the billions of google user all over the world. When entering the camp there are more than security docks for any personnel before getting to the data center. Inside the data is where the high-tech security is including underfloor detection system. There is overhead power distribution, coming from the outside yard they bring in the high violation power distrusted to all bus taps that are basically plugged. All of the racks don’t really look like a traditional server racks these are custom designed and build for google so as optimize the serves for hyper efficiency and high-performance computing. Most data centers have air conditioning units along the perimeter walls that force cold air under the google they take the server racks that are bonded right up against the air conditioning unit they just use cool water that floors on the pipes up the top of the racks that contain the hot air inside through condensation and are brought out to their cooling plant.

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Google Data Centre South Carolina


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