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Famous smartphone brands

UpTelecommunication industry has been developing beyond imagination of many, especiallly the telephone industry.In this article am going to discuss a few of those which have met expectations of their customers making them very competitive in the telecommunication market.


This is the leading company in the smartphone industry.Its well known for its high quality product and in -built features.Despite high prices of the smartphone,many people still prefer it to other brands .The company is located at California,U.S.Steve jobs and Steve wonzniak college group outs are key founders of the apple brand.


It's located at South is second top famous smartphone company. The company has also diversified in production of smart digital TV'S and smart watches , and more gadgets. Lee byung-chul was the founder of the Samsung company.


It has also majority of telephone industry customers and users worldwide due to its amazing in built features especially the camera.its located at china.


It's a Chinese multinational technology company with it's headquarters at shenzhen.


It's based in was owned by Google but later sold to Chinese smartphone maker Lenovo in 2014.its among the oldest telephone brand with it's history stretching back in industrial revolution era.


its a Finnish company. Founder Jean Francois.The company was collapsing buy it has managed to regain it's competitive space in the phone market.

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Chinese Lee byung-chul Samsung South Steve wonzniak


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