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Are You Planning To Buy A Smartphone Or TV Set Before Christmas? This May Make You Think Twice

Almost all people in the world uses or plan to have a smartphone, TV set or any other electronics. The youths are the most users of smartphones. In Kenya, most phones comes from China. However, the cost of smartphones and other electronics may go higher before Christmas. The government of China imposed a power cuts to meet officials energy use target. This has most major Chinese factories to shut down.

In Liaoyang city, twenty three people were taken to hospital with gas poisoning after ventilation in a metal casting factory was shut off. Most industries were idle to avoid exceeding limits on energy. A components supplier for Apple iPhones suspended production.

“Beijing’s unprecedented resolve in enforcing energy consumption limits could result in long-term benefits, but the short-term economic costs are substantial,” Nomura economists Ting Lu, Lisheng Wang and Jing Wang said.

Electronic manufacturers are likely to face shortages of chips and processors that are crucial in the smartphone making process.

This will reduce smartphone and TV set supply in the market hence pushing the prices to go high. So if you are planning to but these commodities prepare yourself for high coast or change your plan.

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