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5 Things Should Avoid as a Youth to be Successful

1 Watching Television.

Watching television for the better part of the day will only take your precious time to do your important work,homework and assignments. You can watch important programs such as news and educational programs but for a limited time.

2 Gambling and video games.

Gambling involves all activities of online betting and casino games. This games are highly addictive and will always consume much of your time money and energy. Avoid them and start saving small amounts of money and gradually you will get your money and put it in an investment. Video games are also addictive and time consuming and wasting.

3 Drug abuse.

All drugs have negative effects and are highly addictive including smoking and drinking. They will make you lazy and careless also people do not trust drug abusers and addicts hence you will miss the best opportunities of work and favours.

4 Procrastination.

Procrastination means cancellation of planned events. This affects your schedule because you will always be in a hurry to complete tasks on the last day and sometimes you may not be able to submit your tasks on time or you will end up doing your task poorly since you are left with less or no time to research.

5 Poor sleeping habits.

Poor sleeping habits includes sleeping during the day when you are supposed to be working or studying or sleeping early and waking late. Poor sleeping habits will take your most time and will make you lazy and unproductive. Sleep for an average time of 8 hours then stay awake to do your personal work and assignments.

These simple things will make you a productive and a successful youth.

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