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Facebook Appologizes After Its Feature Called Black Men "Primates" in a Video

On Friday, Facebook which is one of the giant social media platforms stated that it had disabled a feature which reffered Black men as "primates". The social media spokesperson said that it was unacceptable error citing that they had disabled the tool adding that it mistaken the Blacks for the primates in a video at the giant social media network. 

Facebook however apologized saying that it was offensive and had disabled the entire feature. 

Facebook has apologized as the social media spokesperson revealed that it was Facebook's facial recognition software commonly known as Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that recognized the black people as primates. 

Facebook was however blasted by the Civil Rights advocates forcing the social media network to disabled the facial recognition tool. Facebook says that they have launched an investigation to determine the source of the error for their AI tool. 

The problem was identified after some Facebook users were watching a video featuring Black men and an automated pop-up prompt asked if they could continue watching videos about "Primates" while referring to Black men.

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