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Your Phone Is Hacked If You Notice Any Of These Things

The Growth of Data Consumption.

If you see an out-of-the-ordinary increase in your data consumption, this can be a sign that something is wrong. Investigate your app's data usage to find the root of the problem. The information from your cell phone is consumed in the background by programmers who are trying to get near enough to track your movements.


Cell phone malware, similar to that which infects personal computers, can cause pop-up windows to appear on your screen, prompting you to download an app or perform another action. If your phone keeps showing you intrusive advertisements, it may be infected with spyware or malware. Take caution and make sure you don't interact with any of these pop-ups.

There was an adjustment to the phone's settings.

Assuming the perpetrators actually gained access to your phone, they may have tampered with the device's settings. An example of malware that may be used to convey information or infect other devices would be if you noticed that your Bluetooth was on when you weren't using it.

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