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Opinion: How Fraudsters Are Using the Mpesa App to Up Their Game

In Kenya, the number of fraudsters has been increasing every day. This is mainly because some smart people who have no jobs want to survive and the only way they can raise some cash is by conning people. Even though doing this is illegal and is not the best way to earn a living, some people prefer it because they always think it is the best option they have. Since most fraudsters are learned individuals who know how to be creative, they have decided to use the mpesa app to their advantage.

When it comes to stealing from most people, fraudsters prefer to use mpesa as it is the easiest method one can use to receive money without being seen or traced. Just like many other apps, the mpesa app only requires a one-time confirmation password to be linked to your mpesa account. This therefore means that the moment you sign in to your mpesa app, you will not be required to have your simcard in order to operate it.

Fraudsters have decided to use this to their advantage. They therefore register a simcard and activate the mpesa. Once the mpesa account is active, they sign in to the mpesa app and do away with the card. That is why when you try to call most fraudulent safaricom mpsea lines, you will alway receive a notification that it is switched off.

You must be wondering how they get to use the cards when they have already destroyed them. The answer is that they do not. The only thing most of them need from the sim cards is access to an mpesa account and they are sorted.

This tactic makes it hard for anyone to trace them as the only way you can do that is by the help of the IP address which is not easy to come across.

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