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Simple Way to Format a Computer

Formatting a computer can be as hard as shaving beards with an ax but also very easygoing like ABC. Before we continue, keep in mind that you are going to erase every data that is stored in the hard drive and so to avoid this, you need to back up your files.

The following are the simple procedures for the process:

Back up your files

To do this, tap on the windows start button on your PC or computer, tap on the control panel, head to system and maintenance then select backup and restore.

Formatting process

Head to the setting menu, select update and security then recovery and tap on get started button. This will open a command which you are required either option which includes just remove your files or remove all files from drive. Hit the next button. Click rest and the process of formatting your computer will have begun.

Depending on the data that was on your hard drive,it will take some time before everything is erased. Once it is done, restart your computer and you are good to go.

This is one of the easiest methods but there are many ways on how you can format a computer. 

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