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How to know your phone is being Tracked

Smartphones are not just limited to calling and messages, these smart devices can be used to click pictures, stay active on social media, play games, browse the Internet, stream videos online, check the weather, and so much more. Since these smart gadgets come with decent storage capacity, you can store a lot of data, and files like images, games, music, contacts, conversations, and more. Moreover, there’s plenty of possible spies to be worried about with all our personal info stored in these. With the wide availability of various spying tools, it is very much possible that your phone could be monitored by a family member, hacker, or even the government.

Here are the signs that your phone is being tracked by a spy or any other person .

1. Fast battery drainage . Your phone drauns its battery faster than usual even when you are not using it .

2 . Overheating of the phones . The phone heats constantly even when it us not being used .

3 . Increase in data usage . The phones data usage increases as there are some operations taking place in the background of your phone .

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