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Make an Old Bottle Useful with Your Phone

A life simple hack is a very useful tool one can apply on a daily basis and has proven to solve many simple problems. A phone holder hack applies where the charging socket is in a position where when the charger is plugged in the phone has no safe resting place, this is where the phone holder life hack chips in. The steps are more than easy than yo u can imagine.

All you need is an old plastic bottle and a pair of scissors to complete this simple task. It might seem a simple life hack but it saves a lot of thinking and even increases the life of your devices and you can take it as one way of maintenance routine.

Take the pair of scissors and cut the bottle as shown in the photo above. Such that when the charger is plugged in it is able to hold the improvised bottle against the charging port with the phone inside.

Content created and supplied by: CollinsMindset (via Opera News )


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