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Use these tricks to make your photos look attractive.

Have you ever wondered why some photos look better than others?This is especially clearly visible in the photos of celebrities on social media.

Well today I am going to give you tricks that are used by only a few people to make better pictures .In this tricks it is not a must for you to have a camera device,you will only need your smartphone.In any case purchasing a camera device is way too expensive for most of us.

I am going to share with you a list of six apps that will change how you appear in your photos.You will not have to worry about those scars on your face,those pimples or even your skin complexion.From today henceforth you will always share your photos without any worries.


This app is owned by Google.It has all the tools for photo editing.With this app you can sharpen, straighten and do all sorts of editing to make your photos look wow! Basically it has all features that you have been looking for and imagine is free of charge.There is no subscription for using this app.


This is just but another super wonderfull app.It has a plethora of editing tools and filters perfect for your need.However,you will have to pay something small for additional editing features.


Do you want to add texts to your photos just to pass out some information,then you are at the right place.This is the best app for making stylish text on photos.It costs $3.99 only for android and $1.99 for IOS.


Just like VSCO this app has got superb features to edit how your photos appear.Surprisingly this app is designed such that it can recommend filters for you.Isn't that a good feature? However it can only be found on iOS and is not available on android.


Just as you expected, instagram is on the list.This app has gained populary due to it's filter features for camera.With this app you can straighten,colour correct or add a few photo effect to your photos.With this app you can come up with photos that will just wow! everyone including your crushie.


Have you ever taken a photo that made you feel so much energetic till you tell yourself that it needs no filters just to realize that there was a small "rubbish" hanging around your environment....don't be worried that problem is fixed.With this app you can edit whatever unwanted stuff hanging around.It costs $ 1.99 for both android and iOS.

With all those tricks shared it's now time to go ahead and make your own eye captivating photos.Don't forget to like and share this tricks with your best friends and family.

Content created and supplied by: emmanuelsiema (via Opera News )



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