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What You Should Know About The New Safaricom eSim Card

Safaricom is one of the giant telecommunication in Kenya that serves more than 15 million people with its services. Some of these services include, Mpesa, Mshwari, Fuliza among others. Due to the improvement of technology in this 21st century, Safaricom has a plan to launch a eSIM which will be more important to it customers.

What is a eSIM? Well, a eSIM is a tiny device, much smaller than the normal micro SIMs that we use which can be built in to a mobile phone. What you should know about this card is that the eSIM can be installed directly on a Mobile phone's motherboard and became re-writable enabling the device to opens many more customization options.

PIN numbers, Contacts, emails can be downloaded into the eSIM because of its capability. This is also because the eSIM works hand in hand with the existing SIM card that is already mounted on a Mobile phone. The eSIM is compatible to iPhone 12, iPhone SE 2020, Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Z Fold and Note 20 according to Safaicom.

All in all, one big advantage of having the Safaricom eSIM is because it is an innovative move towards facilitating multiple phone numbers which allows a mobile phone to have more than 1 number. The eSIM is very safe since one can not lose it once they activate if on their mobile phones. It also makes it easier for a person who are travelling to switch between the operators.

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