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Not yet Uhuru for Mobile Service Customers

Normally I use the mobile banking to I transact my business. And the Kenya Commercial Bank has been my preferred option. Ranging from buying airtime, paying for my electricity and DStv bills, to sending money to other M-PESA lines, which if free no matter the amount.

My life was simple and fun. No need to carry cash, everywhere I go. But, the last two weeks have the worst. When I try transacting using the mobile app, all I get is " Transaction Failed.Please try again later." What's happening to this service provider? Hope they resolve this soon.

As if that was not enough, yesterday, communication service provider Safaricom gave me a shock. In the early hours of the Sunday's morning, I always wake up to browse, chat with friends and check when the mass will begin. This was not to be. I couldn't buy bundles.

I dialed up to a maximum of 10 times and the answer was the same, " The service is unavailable,please try again later" " Not again." I shouted. Thankfully, few hours later, the technical hitch was resolved. Safaricom, like always, act quickly and never disappoint.

Things went from bad to worse when in the evening, while watching the Manchester City Vs Tottenham game, the bundles run out.

Quickly to took the phone to buy the tockens. And the shock of the moment was this, "Transaction failed, M-PESA cannot complete payment of Ksh100.00 to KPLC PREPAID. Organization receiving the payment is unavailable, try again later." Enough is enough. Let these mobile service providers sought out these issues. They are essential to our lives. That's the honest truth

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