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Common Mistakes We Make While Charging Smartphones Causing Battery Damage

1. Use any compatible charger.

This is most relevant to the use of smartphones. Due to the widespread adoption of micro USB for smartphone charging, it is common practice for people to switch between different chargers for their various devices. However, this is inappropriate and may eventually drain your phone's power supply.

2. Not all situations call for a quick-charge device.

Using a power bank or other quick-charge device subjects the battery to a higher voltage than a standard charger. This can cause the battery and the phone to overheat and malfunction.

3.Don't tuck your phone in under the covers while it's charging

When people don't have bedside table or nightstand space for their phones, they often put them under their pillows. In some cases, they even do this while the device is charging, which is incredibly risky. In order to prevent damage or premature battery degradation, it is important that excess heat be dissipated from the phone during the charging process.

4. Improper phone charging

You should be careful about where you charge your phone because it can affect the battery life. Charging your phone in a hot environment can cause the temperature of the device to rise, which can put unnecessary strain on the battery.

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