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Five Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone That You Didn't Know

Society has quickly embraced different activities on Smartphones because of the increasing number of users every day. Smartphones have become affordable to a good number of people worldwide unlike before.

Here are five things you didn't know you can do with your smartphone in the comfort of your home:

1. Type documents.

Today, a good number of smartphones can use the Word app for both android and apple phones. This app allows you to type documents and store them on your phone to be printed later, unlike before when everyone needed to have a computer or a laptop to type and store documents. Some of the documents you can't type and store on your smartphone are; Curriculum vitae(Cv), Resume, Cover letters, and other documents that require typing.

2. Download and watch movies.

This is possible on both android and apple phones provided you have enough space. There are several sites on the internet that allow you to watch or even download movies to watch later. It is much easier if you have wifi or an internet connection. Entertainment made it easier for you.

3. Take quality photographs.

Most smartphones come with both front and rear cameras which take clear photos depending on how many Megapixels your phone camera has. Initially, people would wait for photo men to come by and take shots of them. Today, smartphones take photos better and they are automatically saved for you on your phone. All you need to have is good lighting and a good angle to take the photos.

4. Choose where to save your contacts and whom you want to reach you.

Smartphones have different features and today, every smartphone must have a backup Gmail account where everything taking place on your phone is under a specific registered user for the phone. The Gmail account could be used to back up and save all your phone activities including your contacts. It will also help you customize who can reach you and who can't.

5. Use your google assistant to help you navigate your phone.

Every smartphone has a Google assistant assigned at Gmail account registration. The assistant will help you call people, delete messages, send messages, read incoming messages, and end calls, among other sites you want to open depending on your settings.

Smartphones have more features than anyone can imagine, Follow my page, like, and share for more.

Content created and supplied by: Ketibawrites. (via Opera News )



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