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Fascinating Android Tv tricks you need to know about

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Android Tv, commonly known as smart Tv, has revolutionized the way people enjoy their time at home. It's predicted that all Tvs will be connected to the internet by 2025. If you are planning to buy a smart Tv, there are few tricks that will definitely make your Tv time worthwhile.

1. Trick one of Android Tv - Google Assistant

Google Assistant is not only applicable on voice search on Android Tvs. You can also command things like 'play some music on my Tv' or 'play XYZ movie on my Tv' and Google Assistant will automatically open the relevant App and get it done. It makes the experience much more convenient since you don't have to search for things and play them.

2. Trick two of Android Tv -Chromecast built-in Another cool thing to do with Android Tv is to mirror your phone, laptop screen to the Tv. Thanks to the built-in Chromecast, all you need to do is to have a chrome browser installed on your device and click the vertical 3-dot button on the top right corner and select the Android Tv you want to cast. With that the mirroring starts and you can surf the internet on your big screen in the house.

3. Trick three of Android Tv - "Android Tv Remote Control" App from Google which is free offers a remote control interface on your mobile. Just bluetooth or WiFi connect the Tv to your phone, you can easily go around the interface of your Android phone. This way it will be much easier using your mobile to type on Tv since the remote take up too much effort.

4. Trick four of Android Tv - Connect PS4 controller for games.

Android Tv is compatible to a wide range of games. You can use your existing PS4 Dual shock controllers and connect them with Android Tv. Just follow these steps;

- On your controller, press and hold the PS and share button simultaneously to enter pairing mode. The light behind the controller will start blinking. - On your Android Tv, go to settings, and then select Add accessory from the remote & accessories option. - The Android Tv will search for nearby Bluetooth accessories. Select wireless controller and your PS4 controller will be connected to the Tv.

Due to the similarities between Android Tv and Android on your smartphone, there exists lots of customization possibilities for users to play with.


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