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Stop Charging Your Phone In Bed

(A bed and pillow burned as a result of charging in the bed.)

When used properly, a phone is a safe device. Some of the most important things to remember are charging in the proper location and not damaging your battery. 

This is how a phone can start a fire. When you put your phone on a mattress or under a pillow, it generates heat, which can lead to a fire. Electromagnetic waves and microwaves produced by the phone are to blame.

Place your phone in an open area so it won't produce heat when charging. Nothing should be placed above the phone. If you have a phone cover on, it is recommended that you remove it before charging the phone. 

Avoid using the phone when it is charging, since this will shorten the life of the battery. Simply put your phone on airplane mode and leave it there. It will charge quicker if you do it this way.

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