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How to Locate a Stolen Phone That Has Been Turned Off

Don't get too worked up if you've misplaced your phone. Both Android and iPhones include capabilities for tracking your phone's location.

How to track down a misplaced iPhone

The best and simplest approach to locate your iPhone is to use the Find My iPhone application. To use the tool, go to and type in Find My iPhone. Click "All Devices" after you've logged in. Then, from the list, choose your misplaced phone. You'll see a map with your phone's position appear on the screen. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, here's what you should do.

How to track down a misplaced Android phone

The Android Device Manager can be used to locate an Android phone. To locate your phone, go to the Find My Device website and log in with the Google account that is linked to it. Choose the lost phone from the selection at the top of the screen if you have more than one phone. The location of your phone will then be displayed on the map.

If your phone appears to be nearby on the map, select "Play Sound." Even if it's set to silent, the gadget will start ringing for the following 5 minutes to assist you discover it.

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