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Importance Things You Miss When You Buy A Phone Less Than Ksh 10,000

Many people usually buy a phone depending on how cheap it is or the amount of money they have at that time. Phones are categorised from those with price less than 10,000 and those with price more than 10,000. All this phones the only difference is their features and functionality.

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When you a buy a phone less than ten thousand its feature are not as good for those that are more than ten thousand. The features I am talking about include the screen size, weight, camera, storage and battery capacity.

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For instance phones with a price of more than ten thousand has a screen dimension of not less than six inches, their weight is usually small, the camera selfie and rear camera more than 13mp, storage RAM is more than 2GB while ROM is more than 16Gb and the battery capacity is not less than 3500Amh.

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This features are very essential for good performance of your phone. The large screen will ensure that you perform multiple task on your phone. The giid camera will assist you on taking good looking and magnificent photos and videos.The storage of more than 16GB will see you having enough space to store your files and the processing unit of more than 2gb will help you to proceed and load pages quickly.The large battery capacity will assist you in using the phone for long incase of power outage.

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