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Extend Your Battery Life By Following These Simple Steps

Kenyans nowadays own various kinds of smartphones. Some of those phones are Tecno, Itel, Samsung and Infinix. It is quite embarrassing when you see your phone battery wears out quickly. Don't worry follow these simple steps if you want to extend the life time of your battery.

Reduce Brightness level

This is perhaps the simplest method to hold your telephone battery as a cell phone's screen utilizes the most battery charge.

Switch off Location services

Area applications, for example, Google Maps kill your telephone battery. Make sure to turn off area administrations when you are not utilizing your telephone.

Download battery-saving applications

Battery saving applications assist you with distinguishing other applications on your telephone that are depleting the charge. A portion of these applications have choices where you can change settings like brightness with an aim of extending battery life.

Uninstall Unnecessary applications

Some applications on your telephone utilize modest quantities of charge for the duration of the day. Go through your telephone and search for the applications you don't require and uninstall them.

Minimize camera usage

With the ascent of selfies, individuals go through hours during the day taking photographs and recordings. Utilizing your telephone camera most of time can rapidly deplete your battery.

Reduce vibration volume

Did you realize that vibrations utilize more force more than the ringtone? Attempt and put your telephone on quiet mode or the ordinary ringtone less vibration to save your battery.

Try not to completely charge your telephone

Charging your telephone to 100% isn't useful for the battery, particularly when passed on to charge for the time being. This is on the grounds that the battery begins depleting once it charges to 100%. Specialists prescribe charging your telephone to around 90% to help the battery last more.

Use battery saving mode

You can put your telephone on a low force mode as this can twofold the battery life expectancy. Most telephones these days accompany the choice of battery saving mode, and it's particularly helpful when your telephone battery is going to pass on.

Keep your telephone battery cool

Continuously guarantee that your telephone isn't presented to high temperatures, like direct daylight. Batteries last more at room temperature, so try not to leave your telephone in the vehicle or placing it in your pocket; any other way, your body may raise the temperature.

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