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Why your article is getting few clicks on opera news

Opera news is among the leading online news platform with over one hundred million users world-wide. Content creators get a chance to earn rewards based on the amount of interactions and clicks their articles get. With the high number of wild wide users one would think it's very easy to get clicks to your articles but that's not the case as some articles get very few clicks. Below are some of the reasons your articles could be performing poorly on the platform:

1.Use of click baits

Many writers opt to go the easier way by giving false heading to their articles to impress readers, but that could be only doing you harm as many readers will opt not to click on articles they suspect are not true. A simple heading will give a reader confidence that the writer is honest and whatever he has in the article is genuine.

2.Fake and false information

Many readers want to read articles with true information. Once you publish false information and the readers notice, that will affect the performance of your future articles. It is therefore preferred that you publish information you are sure about to attract more readers on your profile.

3.Grammar and spelling errors.

Once a reader notices grammatical errors in your article, it is more likely that they won't continue reading the article and that greatly affects the reading time of the article. It's is therefore advisable to use autocorrect keyboard just to ensure you don't make much grammatical errors.

3.Timing of your article.

Most people are on their phones in the evening and on weekends. It is therefore very important to consider your audience and the time you are posting your article.Some articles tend to do better on weekends compared to weekdays. Evaluate the kind of article before posting and the availability of audience you intend to reach at the time of posting.

4.Outdated information

Readers will not click on an article they read before. It is therefore advisable your post are up to date and contain events which happened not long ago.

5.wrong tags

Use tags that are related to your article. The tags are very important as they also play a major role on the number of people your article reaches to. Use short and straight forward tags like :sports, entertainment, world news, health, nutrition etc.

6.Abusive and vulgar language

Be mindful of the language you use. People get annoyed easily when they come across some abusive words and that will affect the reading time of your articles.

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Content created and supplied by: DavisKe (via Opera News )


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