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How Software Developers could render themselves Jobless

Looking into how much is too much; should we perform below average for fear of destroying the economy, or explore how much we can do with technology.

Image by Jo_Johnston from Pixabay

Here’s a short story, a man was hired to pick up leaves on a rich man’s compound, he was hard-working and visionary, he picked up the leaves every morning and evening, this pleased his boss, so he paid him handsome wages. this went on for a while and the duo’s relationship grew stronger because the boss cherished the clean environment and the cleaner had bread to put on the table at the end of the day.

One day, his boss went on recursion, the cleaner thought to himself, “I need to do something special for my boss.” so he did something he was certain was going to impress him, he was proud of himself afterward and could not wait for his boss to come home so that he could see his fine work. upon the boss’s arrival, he showed off his work; He had cut down the tree that was littering the boss’ compound. Little did he know that the tree was planted by the boss’s late father and he loved sitting in its shed, he loved it even though it shed a lot of leaves all year round. The boss was infuriated by this action and laid the cleaner off.

Get where this is going right? Developers have created complex systems that make work easier for everyone, websites that create websites! Clients log in, describe the kind of site they want, and boom! they have fully functional websites, 3d animation and rigging are now as simple as drawing in Microsoft Paint! Their creation does what you would have worked on for a month, in 10 minutes, what would have earned you a lump sum is now reduced to peanuts. I have used 3D art, web, and software development as examples, their fingerprint can be traced in all job sectors.

Automation has eradicated the need for manpower and skills that most of us spent a good sum of money in school to learn. Don’t get me wrong though, I am all for automation, but I think we are moving too fast. Let’s borrow a leaf from the people who subsidize the production of fossil fuels, in that; even though they know that going green is a cheaper and an environmentally friendly option, they do everything in their power to delay the inevitable; they do this with the economy in mind, they know that an unregulated shift to green energy will hit the world’s economy hard.

All I am saying is, as much as a great job is being done at improving the world and making it more comfortable and fun to live in through big data, ai, and machine learning, we are likely to create an ecosystem that would be impossible for even us to catch up with, we could render ourselves jobless. Let’s not be the man that cut down the tree that fed him, that’s my take though.

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Jo_Johnston Pixabay


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