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Why Prolonged Use Of Mobile Phones Can Cause Health Disorders.

Mobile phones were invented in the late 80’s and early 90’s in European countries so that they can help ease communication around the world, they work by sending and receiving information by means of waves.

These devices have made the lives of many people to run smoothly, especially in the early 90’s in many countries around the world, this is because people no longer need to send messenger with information or to make drums beats. That is how important these devices have transformed the world in less than a century.

However, these devices of these recent years have been in questions in many countries over their security in terms of health being of the user, this is because that use wave technology which is hazardous to human being. How these waves works has been the discussion since they are invisible.

Mobile phones have been linked with the dieses such as cancer, in the recent years cancer has become a global pandemic in almost all of the countries in the world, the reason of linking the use of mobile phones to cancer is because of the dangerous waves that the phones produces while vibrating. The waves enters into the skin of the user, supposed he or she continues to use the phone for a very long time then cancer effect may start to take place.

Also, it has been noted that too much of screen lights that the phones produce at the time when the user is using today are not healthy. The light has a high chance of affecting your eyes. Therefore it is recommended that you use low brightness mode when using the phones. Again don’t spend a lot of your time on the phone, the phones are so addictive, if you are not careful you will find yourself spending a whole day on the phone.

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