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Years After He Invented A Phone That Doesn't Require SimCard or Airtime, This is What Happened To Him

Do you remember that young innovative man who invented a phone that doesn't require either Sim card or airtime for you to communicate with your loved ones? If yes,did you know what really happened to him after he went viral for his innovative skills? Well, feel at home now as this article is going to explain it better of this man's life after his great innovative skills.

This young man was identified as Simon Petrus who hailed from the Republic of Namibia. He proved that the education system in general can play a very great role in one's life through impacting knowledge and skills to explore and invent new activities.

Simon Petrus named his invention as 'Radio Frequency Phone Invention'. This naming explained better how the phone worked in that the 'Free To Use Phone' just worked like a radio in which you only required transmission of electromagnetic waves for you to communicate. Petrus developed the skills he learnt and acquired in school through the Physics related subject.

Now after Simon Petrus went viral and became famous for his exceptional innovative skills, well wishers came to his rescue and offered him a scholarship to higher studies where he is currently studying engineering. This will hopefully help him grow more skills as Simon looked to be so passionated in having the engineering skills. We wish him well in his endeavors hoping he will acquire more improved skills, knowledge and wisdom to invent more developed inventions.

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