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Why you should not use these apps for investments

Here i discover more apps like are a ponzi scheme like amazon web worker.

Everyone has encountered losses due to the deadly pandemic Covid-19,so many have been up and down searching for places or apps which they can invest in before everything goes back to normal.

Due to all the desparation its so sad that some people are taking advantage of the situation and are conning people of their hardwork,so they end up making apps that promise people to invest in them and get rich.Such apps are ponzi scheme because they promise people instant money.

Days back Kenyans were counting losses due to Amazon Web Worker ponzi scheme,many invested even their lifetime savings in that App.What kenyans dont know is that there are similar apps that which are like amazon web worker and ill be listing two of other ponzi schemes apps.

1. Ogon

Ogon is an app which tells you to recharge your account and do some few tasks and sit back and watch your money grow, exactly as amazon Webworker this apps gives one ksh.200 immediately you sign up,it also promises to give you a bonus of ksh800 which they never give ,so Im asking kenyans to avoid such apps to avoid losses and painfull regrets.


Maxkash is another app just like amazon the difference is that they ask for huger amounts of money,so stay safe and invest your money wisely.

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