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MEN'S ADVICE: Why She Pays Close attention to her phone

Sure, everyone pays close attention to their phones these days, but if she chooses to scroll through social media or reply to text messages instead of talking to you, you'll be right to question her motives.

According to counselor and therapist, Dr. Tracey Phillips, hiding things from you on their phone can be a sign of deception: "They could try to avoid receiving questionable calls or texts in your presence." It may be that she does not even realize she is doing it, but if she has a case, you can bet she will defend herself and be offended by the fact that she is doing anything other than updating her latest selfie photo.

Psychologist Weiss Explains Possible Scenarios in Psychology Today: "Scammers tend to use their phones and computers more often than ever before and guard them as if they were dependent on their lives. If your partner's phone and laptop has never required a password before and they do now, this is not a good sign. Your partner suddenly starts deleting texts and deleting his / her browser history on a daily basis, this is not a good sign. If your partner never gives up on his phone, even when he is bathing in the bathroom, this is not a good sign. ''

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