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TechLit Africa CEO How She Makes Money And How She Uses It, You Will Be Amaized

TechLit Africa founder Nelly Cheboi who is a Software Engineer has proven that coding does pay where she comes from a very small background, her mother was a vegetable vendor (Mama Mboga).

In her life, she used to struggle a lot when she was a toilet cleaner but right now she is making millions of money from coding. She uses her skills to teach children computer skills in Baringo county.

The young CEO of Technologically Literate Africa uses recycled computers to create computer labs in schools in rural areas in Kenya and this offers 4,000 children a chance in Kenya to better their future through her non-profitable organization TechLit Africa so that children can be computer literate at a younger age.

Nelly who is 29 years old now has been nominated to the CNN heroes ward scheduled in New york she has urged Kenyans to vote for her before the deadline date which is December 6, 2022.

A young primary pupil Bowen from Baringo amazed Kenyans by showing a website he created with HTML which also included hyperlinks in the code that he wrote. Bowen is a beneficiary of TechLit Africa.

Bowen was helped by his teacher Elysee and some CSS changes were done by his teacher, right now Bowen has his website live for anyone to learn. Nelly was impressed by the boy's computing skills because he used his sister's phone to retrench on how to write the code.

Here are some Kenyan reactions

As Kenyans, we wish Nelly all the best and we shall support her because she is supporting the young growing generation and she is the only non-American nominated for the CNN Heroes Award.

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