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Different Types Of Computer Viruses

First of all we need to know what is a computer virus, a computer virus is a piece of code that is embedded in a program that has ability to replicate it self and infect programs in a computer. A computer virus is developed to spread from one host to another, your computer can get this viruses through software installation, unsecured links and also some files downloads.

Below are common computer viruses that you should be knowing.

1.Macro Virus

Macro Virus this is a type of virus that is found in microsoft office documents such as word documents, power point. and also in excel documents. They are found in the documents where by they can be spread when transferring those documents from one computer to the other and also in mail attachment.

2.Resident virus

This virus can lead to file or program corruption since it interferes with your computer operating system, its remains in your computer memory therefore affecting your computer slow to the operating system.

They are worst virus since they can also attach themselves in anti-virus application which means it can also affect the scanned files by the program.

3.Polymorphic virus

This is type of malware that changes its features that are very hard to identify in order to evade detection, common forms of this malware can be worms, trojans and viruses. polymorphic virus examples are Cryptowall and Storm warm Emali, they are capable of evading the antivirus-programs since they keep on changing code every time an infected file is performed.

4.Boot Sector Virus

This type of virus are back when booting the computer using floppy disk, they are carried through physical media like USB. If the computer is affected with this virus its loads into the computer memory automatically and controls the computer.

5.File Virus

File virus these are type of virus that attach themselves to executable programs that have extensions for example, .com, .exe etc. Some of them can also overwrites the host files and also formatting your hard drive.

6.Browser Hijacker

They are type of virus that always targets and interfere with your setting in the browser, the virus directs you to visit website that you had no intention to visit.

Protection You Can Meet To Protect Your Computer From These Viruses

1> Scan all the attachment sent to your computer before opening them.

2> Set strong passwords and keep changing them now and then.

3> Don't click to suspected links that are not secured.

4> Install Anti-Virus program to keep on scanning the files and detecting the coming virus,

5>Keep your system up to date.

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