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If Internet Was Banned Today, What Would You Miss? Kenyans Reaction

If the internet was banned today what would you miss the most? Let us know. The capital morning tweet saw many Kenyans take their time to give their answers. And this is what Kenyans had to say.

" Internet is my sole source of employment I do freelance writing on app called Upwork. Without internet I will be idle,desperate,bored & stressed up."

"I work remotely online, and Safaricom has been my bae, no matter what part of the country am at...I'd definitely miss the online engagements, home away from home, loneliness is a bummer."

"Logging in to twitter because that is where I get information and also advertising the cars I sale on different platforms rendering me jobless."

"Has to be this show, because of constant moving about the FM mode is sometimes unreliable so I always stream via the internet so that I don't miss a moment of the morning madness.

Also my animation/Anime movies later in the evening."

"What I will miss most is Netflix this is because I like watching movies to brighten my day . I will also miss my favourite kenya online comedians like Flaqo, Njugush and Cartoon comedian."

"I will miss memes," another Kenyan replied. What would you miss?

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