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The Best Free Apps And Websites To Help You Improve Fluency In The English Language

The apps and websites below will help you improve on your pronunciation, writing feedback and speaking skills etc.

1) Hinative App

This app is incredibly special. You can ask anything about the English language and native speakers will answer you. They answer questions in over 113 languages. Sign up and capitalize on this free app on Android or desktop enabled devices. Thereafter enter your native language and the language you are learning. With this app, you do not learn only textbook English. You will have a chance to learn expressions, phrases and slang terms that are used by native speakers daily.

2) Google Docs/Drive App

This is the most wonderful language correction and organization tool. For students, this app helps you organize your electronic files neatly. If your teacher/lecturer is still telling you to handwrite essays, tell them, it is time to modernize and they should look no further than the Google docs/drive app for assistance.

3) Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary App

This is one of my favorite apps for learning English. With this app, you can listen to audio pronunciations of words in American English, British English, and Canadian English etc. It is a dictionary designed for learners in mind. The definitions are clear and it also provides the origin of the word. Each word defined has its antonyms and synonyms to help you expand your vocabulary further.

4) Forwo App

This is a pronunciation website that will help you discover how words of English are pronounced in different countries. It is a good app because you can listen to how words are pronounced so that you avoid relying on phonetic transcriptions all the time.

5) Quizlet App

If you are interested in learning lots of vocabulary but you do not know where to start, the Quizlet app is the solution. With this app, you could search for politics, garden, sports and even medical vocabulary. This app also has games you can play and learn English in the process.

Do you know of any other apps that help people learn the English Language? Share with us in the comments section below. If you are interested in improving fluency in the English language then follow me on this channel by clicking on the word follow at the top right corner of your screen to get more articles of this nature.

Content created and supplied by: Emma (via Opera News )

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