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Leave alone Current Smartphones, Meet First Smartphone To Be Made in the World & its Features.

The creative nature of human beings has contributed alot to the growth of technology across the globe. It's through this that we also experience industrial growth in the world. The growth of smartphone industry has led to the emergence of new types of smartphones that never existed before. These new smartphones have some additional unique features that makes them different from the old smartphones.

The first smartphone to be made in the World was created by IBM. The phone was invented in 1992, and in 1994, it was released for purchase. By then, it was identified as the Simon Personal Communicator (SPC).

The SPC smartphone contained some features that are present in the smartphones of today. For example, it contained:

1. A touch screen.

2. Ability to send and receive both emails and faxes.

3. It had a calendar, address book, and a native appointment scheduler.

4. It featured standard and predictive stylus input screen keyboards.

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SPC Simon


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