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6 Amazing Future Inventions

Bluetooth, toaster and smartphone are among some of the things the world has today. A world where by robots paints our nails and cleans our clothes. So, there more inventions being improvised as time goes.

Self cleaning clothes

Australian scientists invented a textile that cleans itself thus no human manpower was needed. The fabric has nanostructures which dissolve dirt and stains by exposing them to light. So, one day when you have dirt on your cloth you only need to just hold it above the light bulb and the stains goes.

Color changing windows that produce electricity

Scientists invented a new solar material, which has a window that darkens when the temperatures rise so that infrared wavelengths cannot enter buildings. Those windows could possibly replace air conditioners. Something good also is that those windows will produce electric energy.

Robotic guide dogs

Researchers from University of California created a robotic guide dog. The research demonstrated how robots could help the needy people especially the visually impaired. The small robot will have a depth camera and a leash which has a sensor, allowing it to sense incoming obstacles thus improving on security services. When the technology advances robotic guide dogs will be more complex and accessible to many people.

Smart beds

Smart beds will have the capability to collect data about sleep patterns and behaviors, then send sleep reports right to intended smartphone. These beds will have certain features such as mattress positioning and temperature. This will enhance a personalized sleep experience. Other features will include built in projectors which may act as televisions.

A robot nurse assistant

Nurses will have less work ever, because robots will help nurses with routine tasks, such as measuring of vital signs and lifting patients out of bed. The hospitals will be more efficient to access or get various medical services.

Smart locks

The smart locks will have a connection to your phone. The phone will also contain an app to allow you to lock or unlock your house, thus one can even set a schedule for your doors to close and open at certain times.

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