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How To Read WhatsApp Message Without Being Seen

The privacy has being the most aspired thing for everyone, since the development of WhatsApp application that has connected people from every corner of the world. The platform has enabled many people to interact remotely, relationships has been build ranging from friendship to love affairs interactions.

Privacy is important in all social platforms because most people don’t want to be identified while reading or using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp among other platform that facilitates social interactions. Most social platform application users use different unique names for identification hiding their original identification.

Am going to show you how to ready whatsapp group chat messages without being identified, or seen by group members.

First step: open your whatsapp application.

Second step: scroll to group chat panel.

Third step: mark all the groups you what to read.

Forth step: tap the ‘three dots’ on your right up side of the panel.

Fifth step: being the last step, tap ‘mark as read’ from options listed.

After you have done with all the steps, group messages would be indicated read without you visiting the group chat.

Hope this will help you to read your group chat messages without opening them, this will help you if you have many whatsapp group chats.

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