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How To Deal With Neighbours Who Play Loud Music At Night According To This Facebook Post

We have seen these posts countless times, of random online users complaining about neighbours who play loud music at night when everyone else is trying to catch some sleep. A certain Facebook user has complained about his current predicament in a certain Facebook group.

Imagine renting a new apartment only to be welcomed by a neighbor whose music is forever on the high note. It gets even worse when the said neighbor is always hosting parties. This guy went ahead to say that his caretaker was not helpful because he is barely around. He is now thinking of moving out after just 3 months in the apartment.

Below is the post:

After sharing the post, group members went on to comment giving all sorts of advise and most of them were hilarious. It is safe to say netizens have a solution for every problem in this world. Take a look at some of the responses given on how best to deal with a nosy neighbor:

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