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Avoid Scanning QR Codes Randomly. See What They Can Do To Your Phone

Most of us who have been blessed to own a smartphone are aware of the function of a QR code scanner. It is one of the technological advancements and has helped a lot. However, we all know that despite the good that comes with technology, there are some negative things that come with it.

QR codes come with their limitations too. You have discovered that nowadays almost everything has a QR code. Why is that so? Some companies use the codes to access you personal details. After you scan their codes on their goods, they access you history and use it to provide what you like. This is not good as you did not authorize their intrusion.

Some QR codes are corrupted. They are reservoirs of malware that can attack you computer. When you scan a code, the malware is transferred onto your device and causes problems. This is why you are not advised to scan the codes you come across.

Only scan the codes of companies or organizations that are known and have been in operation for long enough. I hope you liked reading the article. Like, share and follow the page for more articles daily.

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