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What Happens To You If You Use Your Smartphone Regularly Without Rest

As far as I am concerned, phones are really reliable to anyone. Including what I have right now as mine! They really assist us achieve our dreams. Some of us use them for studying purposes,business and any other necessary entertainment. It is also good we get to know about their effects if used for long periods of time:

1. Risk Of Cancer:

It is confirmed that your phone emits radiations that combine with your body systems and causes extreme effects. This occurs especially in the nervous system but it is not the main effect. For now, no one knows if cellphones are capable of causing cancer. Although long-term studies are ongoing, to date there's no convincing evidence that cellphone use increases the risk of cancer. If you're concerned about the possible link between cellphones and cancer, consider limiting your use of cellphones — or use a speaker or hands free device that places the cellphone antenna, which is typically in the cellphone itself, away from your head.

2. Impaired Vision / Eye Defects:

If you stay on your phone for long periods, then you will see some darkness immediately after stopping it. This is what we call partial blindness. Continuous use of your phone without rest may even make you blind!

3. Headaches:

Due to extreme light emitted from phones,you may incur headache problems. This is what you will make you hate seeing light that is uncontrolled:

4. Lack Of Concentration:

If you stick too much on your phone,you may end up using it without considering other defects. I therefore encourage you to have proper timing management.

5. Depression And Lack Of Sleep:

Depression is simply stress. You end up stressed because of the tasks you never completed; especially the online workers. This may affect you sleep too.

Finally,smartphones are what most of us rely on. You only need to use it for the right purpose. Share this to others please and follow my channel I show you how to use your phone appropriately and even earn an income.

Content created and supplied by: RobertOnsongo (via Opera News )


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