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If the internet went down for a day

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if the internet went down for a day? Well:

1. 300 million emails would have to wait

You have to admit those are a lot of emails that would be left pending. To be precise, the breakdown of the internet would really inconvenience our lives completely. Why? Because personal resumes would not be sent to potential employers, notifications would not be sent to customers furthermore people would not communicate with one another.

2.Over 5 billion google searches would have to wait

In this century, google has become our teacher, doctor, financial advisor, counsellor you name it all. So if the internet went down, then it would be a really long day for over 5 billion people worldwide. No more free information hanging around.

3.Over 500 million social media posts would have to wait

Yes you read that right. Posts from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter would have to be delayed and considering that many people nowadays work online, it would really be chaotic. The braggers on the other hand would have nothing to brag about.

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