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Reason Why Typing Keyboards Are Arranged In QWERTY Manner

Many times you've looked at your computer keyboard or phone and wondered why the letters aren't ordered alphabetically as they should be. What if I told you that they used to be aligned in that manner? There's a reason the letters are placed the way they are.

Typing has become commonplace in modern society, and most individuals are unconcerned about the layout of the keys. The original keyboard that was used had the letters arranged alphabetically. It was constructed mechanically and was made out of metal bars and wires.

Although the keyboard was quick to use, the cables would crisscross and cause the keyboard to stack. This made using the keyboard a nightmare because it may suddenly stop working, erasing all of your previous work. The qwerty order was created to help with typing speed. Because no one had mastered the new order, the speed was now low, and occurrences of the wires crossing were uncommon.

They kept the qwerty order even after the invention of the digital keyboards we use today. Did you find the article to be interesting? Like, share, and subscribe to the page to receive daily updates.

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