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Why Computer Keyboard letters Are Not Arranged in Alphabetical Order

Many individuals utilize computers for various daily tasks, including leisure, business, and other tasks. But have you ever wondered why the letters on a laptop or computer keyboard are not in alphabetical order? Don't worry; this is what occurred.

The cause originates from the era of manual typewriters. The original keyboards had alphabetical keys, but because people typed so quickly, the mechanical character arms became tangled. In order to truly slow down typing and prevent key jams, the keys were placed at random. Keys from the top row of the keyboard might be used to type on QWERTY keyboards. This haphazard setup spread like wildfire.

Computers have made work easier for organizations, people, and other entities. They are incredibly valuable gadgets in information technology, telecommunication, and other fields. Computers are used for a variety of purposes, including teaching pupils how to use them for learning.

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