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Mobile phone have evolved over the years, since 1940s when the first wireless phone was invented. From phones with buttons to now touch screen, and now manufacturers are talking about a transparent phone. The real question here is if this can be possible?

The closest we came to own a transparent prototype phone was back in 2013 when polytron manufactured a transparent screen phone. Thought the phone was not fully transparent since some part of the phone like the microphone, camera, memory card and Simcard were visible and so it won't be right to call the phone fully transparent.

Samsung is another company that is considering manufacturing a fully functional transparent phone with an operating system, but what will be hard is making everything in the phone transparent including the battery, camera SD and Simcard slots. So far they have been able to make a 3D glass edge smartphone that is the Samsung galaxy S8 plus.

And so in conclusion is the dream of owning a transparent phone really possible? Yeah it may be let's just wait and see.

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